Endo Venous Laser - Accueil

Description of the endovenous laser procedure

Before the procedure is performed, you will have a consultation during which your doctor will perform a clinical analysis and Duplex scan in order to determine whether this method can be used on you. He will also perform ‘cartography’ (‘mapping’ of your venous network), give you information and answer your questions.
endo venous laser On the day of your procedure, a new Duplex scan will be performed to allow the exact path of the vein to be treated by laser to be drawn on your skin. This is called ‘marking’. Depending on each individual case, the varicose branches may also be marked in order to perform simultaneous phlebectomy (excision of veins using gradual micro-incisions) or additional sclerotherapy.
No special preparation is required for the procedure, and it is not necessary to fast beforehand. Nor is it necessary to stop taking any of your current medication, including anti-coagulants.
You will be asked to lie back comfortably on an examination table.
As a general rule, the procedure is painless or almost painless. In the rare circumstance that this is not the case, just let your doctor know immediately, and he/she will be able to adjust the local anaesthetic and/or the strength of the laser. The procedure takes place under targeted local anaesthetic. The area to be treated is anaesthetised with Lidocaine, mixed with physiological serum, using a technique called ‘tumescence’. This method is very efficient. A disposable sterile optical fibre, used only once, is introduced into the vein and manoeuvred into the correct position using echography. Laser energy is administered selectively to the target vein. While the laser is being operated, you will be asked to wear special glasses to protect your eyes against possible accidental exposure to the laser light. At the end of the procedure, a compression bandage or stocking will be applied to the treated area, and you must wear this for one week after the treatment. This is an OUTPATIENT procedure, and you will only be at the clinic for about one hour.